Established in 1996 initially there was only one unit. Now the Pediatric Department is having separate “A” and “B” units and nursery. Pediatric A unit has 41 beds with subdivision as follows:

1. High Dependency Unit 6 bedded.

2. Low Dependency Unit 6 bedded.

3. Nutritional Rehabilitation Unit 6 bedded.

4. Isolation Unit 7 bedded.

5. General Pediatric 16 bedded.

The Nursery Unit is separate and has capacity to admit 25 babies. Care is limited to Incubator Care, Oxygen and well baby monitoring.


Patients admitted through admission room, clerked and given necessary treatment by the admitting team on duty, and shifted to respective units or General Pediatric Chambers according to condition of the Patients.

Treatment is given according to Protocols displayed and provided in the admission room.   


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