The Eye Department of HMC started working in Sep, 1996.

It has two wings.

Eye Department (Khyber Institute of Ophthalmic Medical Sciences).

Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology PICO).


It is comprised of 76 beds. With the creation of KGMC the department has been divided into two units.

Eye A unit belongs to KGMC.

Eye B unit belongs to PGMI.

Eye A unit has 33 beds and eye B 43 beds. The OPD is shared by both the units. The OPD is equipped with state of the art equipment. There are four consultant & four lower OPD rooms having facilities of complete eye examination. The OPD has facilities of Argon & ND: YAG laser, Fundus Fluorescence Angiography, B Scan, Biometry, Perimetry, Low Vision and contact lens clinics. There are also facilities of Heidel Retinal tomography and minor OT. 

Eye OT has four operating rooms with two operating tables each. There are facilities of phaco emulsification, Vitrectomy, Ocular surface disorders, Pediatric Ophthalmology and Oculoplasty and orbital Surgery.

Both the units have three days for OPD and three days of operation theatre. The department has also well equipped Wet Lab, MSTC laboratory and Eye Bank.


It is situated at HMC, Peshawar attached to Department of Ophthalmology. The main aim of establishment of the Institute is to reduce blindness and to improve the quality of life of people with blindness and visual impairment.  


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