Pharmacy department provide s storage, compounding, dispensing and distribution of medication to hospitalized and ambulatory patients by legally qualified competent staff.

Pharmacy department's aim and objective is to save and appropriate provision of drugs to patients which includes rational selection, monitoring, dosing and control of the over all drug therapy programme.

Pharmacy department has different sections including main pharmacy store, satellite pharmacy A1, B1, E1, operation theater pharmacy . These satellite pharmacies are designed to facilitate concerned staff and enhance patient care.

These sections are run under the supervision of highly qualified and well trained pharmacists. The department is supervised by a Chief Pharmacist. Pharmacists in HMC have an important consultative and management role.

They are responsible for planning of Pharmaceutical services and the establishment and maintenance of safe systems of work within their department. All the pharmacists working in this department have thorough knowledge of drugs and their actions as well as the ability to conduct and participate in research activities.

All the life saving drugs are provided free of cost to the patients coming to Emergency Accident Centre in HMC.

Department of Pharmacy arranges drugs/ medicines and surgical material & implants for Zakat deserving patients allocated out of the Zakat fund . Pakistan Baitul Mal is another source for needy and the poor patient , which helps the deserving Muslim as well as Non Muslim patients. Their requirements are arranged through the Department of Pharmacy.

Online Pharmacy management system has been developed to meet the requirements of modern medical practice. Pharmacy data base provides information related to drug inventory, hospital formulary, drug interaction, dose monitoring and therapeutic incompatibilities.


  1. Pharmaceutical research
  2. Inpatient services
  3. Out patient services
  4. Drug information services
  5. Inventory control and storing
  6. Supply Control Services
  7. Assaying and quality control
  8. Education & Training

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