MTI-HMC hosts Pre-orientation workshop of 37th Annual Radiology Conference

MTI-HMC hosts Pre-orientation workshop of 37th Annual Radiology Conference “Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer. It is very important to detect this disease well on time” said Dr. Mehreen Samad, Head of Radiology Department of the Medical Teaching Institute Hayatabad Medical Complex (MTI-HMC) Peshawar. Dr. Mehreen has expressed these views on the occasion pre-orientation workshop of the 37th Annual Radiology Conference hosted by MTI-HMC. She further said that “Mammograms can detect breast cancer early, possibly before it has spread. Hence, it is important to have ideas about the new techniques in the diagnosis of Breast Cancer; this workshop is particularly focused on the new trends in breast imaging ultrasound technology, insights into digital Mammography and Tomosynthesis in diagnosing breast lesions and updates on new trends”. The pre-orientation workshop of the annual Radiology Conference was attended by the young doctors of radiology from North West General Hospital, Rehman Medical Institute, Mardan Medical Complex and staff of Radiology Department of MTI-HMC. With the special focus on Breast cancer this year, the workshop resulted in sharing new trends in Breast Cancer diagnosis that includes Elastography- an innovation in breast imaging, techniques of having Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the breast and hands on stereotactic breast biopsy. For the thematic session of the workshop Dr. Jazila Areen the marketing specialist and Mrs. Bhagya Abayarathna the Clinical Application Specialist Mindray from South Asia joined the session, Moreover, an online lecture of Dr. Hisham from Singapore also delivered on the new techniques of the field. Medical Director MTI-HMC Dr. Shahzad Akbar said that “Our vision is to provide the best treatment of every disease and we believe in adopting new trends in the field of medicine, so, this activity will help the radiology department to further improve diagnosis process that is the key to the treatment of Breast Cancer”.