Dr. Muhammad Javed Shaheed auditorium inaugurated at HMC Peshawar

Dr. Muhammad Javed Shaheed auditorium inaugurated at HMC Peshawar Peshawar: Dr. Muhammad Javed Shaheed auditorium has been inaugurated at the ENT Department of Medical Teaching Institution Hayatabad Medical Complex (MTI-HMC) Peshawar. The auditorium was inaugurated by Muhammad Ash’har Javed, the youngest son of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Javed Shaheed. Other family members also attend the ceremony as chief guests while Dean MTI-HMC, KGMC Peshawar Prof. Dr. Zahid Aman, Hospital Director Dr. Shahzad Faisal, Medical Director Prof. Dr. Shehzad Akbar, Nursing Director Awal Khan, and Chairman of ENT Department Prof. Dr. Adnan along with ENT doctors and other hospital staff attended the inaugural ceremony. During the ceremony, speakers paid tribute to Prof. Dr. Muhammad Javed Shaheed for his unmatched services in healthcare.
Dean MTI-HMC, KGMC Peshawar Professor Dr. Zahid Aman while addressing the ceremony said that Dr. Javed Shaheed has set the best example of sacrifice not only for HMC but for the entire country. It was a sign of his devotion to his field that he worked tirelessly even in the most severe epidemic situation and prioritized public health services without caring for his own life. Professor Dr. Zahid Aman also assured that the hospital will continue to provide all kinds of support to the family of the martyred doctor.
Speaking at the ceremony, Muhammad Ash’har Javed, the younger son of Professor Dr. Muhammad Javed (Shaheed), said that we are proud of our father's sacrifices and have learned from him to always work with heart and to be devoted to our field. Ash’har said that he will grow up like his father and serve the people and keep his father's name alive.
Chairman ENT Department MTI-HMC Professor Adnan said that the purpose of naming the newly constructed auditorium in ENT after him is to pay tribute to his services. He said that MTI-HMC has always served its people in difficult situations and with the help and efforts of the hospital administration, this process will continue in the future.