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Dr. Mazhar Khan


Head of General Surgical Department 

I am an experience General Surgeon with interest and qualification in Urology.
I did FRCS from Royal College of Surgeon England/London in 1993 and following that got training in Urology in UK till 1998.
I also did Diploma in Urology from University College London in 1997.

My main field of interest and expertise lies in minimal invasive Surgery and especially in reconstructive Urology. We have attained eminence experience in the field of reconstructive Urology as we regularly perform urethroplasties and urinary bladder reconstructions.Over the years we have improved our techniques and now with the Grace of Allah we are quite verse in urinary bladder augmentation / continent urinary diversion and neo bladder formation.

MBBS,FRCS from Royal College of Surgeon England
Diploma in Urology from University College London

28 Years of Experience.
Clinical Experience:
Urology: Reconstructive/ Laproscopic /Endourology
General Surgery: Conventional/Laproscopic
Uro-Gynaecology: Conventional/Laproscopic
Teaching & Training Undergraduate & post graduate medical students.
Administrative Experience:
Administrative Head of Surgical and allied department since 2008
Hospital Administrator April to June,2015
Chairman Hospital Reimbursement committee
Member Hospital Ethical committee

Award & Recognitions

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