Speciality Detail

Cardiology Department of HMC is the largest in KPK having capacity of 124 beds (30 beds Interventional Cardiology, 12 beds CCU, 34 beds Cardiac Electrophysiology, 34 beds Heart Failure, 14 beds Paedriatric Cardiology).

The yearly outdoor patients turnover is around 20000. Yearly indoor patients are approx. 8000. More than 2000 Coronary Angiography/ Angioplasty per year, 300 Radio frequency ablations per year and 200 pace makers/ devices per year are being performed.

Besides the regular OPD, Services like EECP, HUT test, Pacemaker/Device clinics, Sleep studies, Holter Monitoring, ETT and adult / Paeds Echocardiography are offered daily. The heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation services are supported by cardiac care foundation.

It is a centre for postgraduate training leading to FCPS Cardiology and FCPS Cardiac Electrophysiology. In 2015 the services like Primary Angioplasty, Ischemic VT Ablations and AF Ablations will be offered on regular basis.

There is no match to these services in any other Public/Private sector Hospital in Pakistan. The Heart Hospice Home of HMC is the only of its type in South Asia.


Department has the honor to be the first one to start CRT( Cardiac resynchronization therapy) and lCD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) implantation in Govt sectors in KPK. So for 35 CRTS and ICDS have been implanted. Single chamber, dual chamber pacemakers implantation also carried out. Diagnostic Electrophysiological studies and radio frequency ablations of various arrhythmias being done. Diagnostic catheterization with intra coronary stenting services are provided. Pace maker clinic and INR clinics established in out patient department providing services three days a week. Temporary pace maker implantation facility available in the department.


The department follows a structured training programme as under:

Journal Club Tuesday
Cath Conference Monday
Mortality Meeting Friday
Clinico Pathological Conference Saturday & Wednesday
Echo Meeting Thursday
Grand Round Monday & Tuesday

Besides this various research projects are going on in the department with Dr Zahid being the principal investigator and Dr Bakhtawar shah as in charge of the projects. The research projects are;

  1. QT interval in blinds
  2. QT interval in deaf
  3. Thyroid functions in patients with congestive cardiomyopathy.
  4. Thyroid function in patients on amoidarone.
  5. SAEG in patients with inferior MI
  6. SAEG in patients with anterior MI
  7. AICD and electrical storms
  8. Transeptal approach for ablation of left sided pathways.